M. E. O’Brien edits two magazines. She is an Associate Editor with Parapraxis, and a member of the editorial collective of Pinko.


Pinko is a collective for thinking gay communism together. We publish a biannual print issue, periodic zines, and host irregular essays, translations and archival material on our website.


Hitching a ride to society’s ongoing return to Sigmund Freud in the 21st century, Parapraxis will be a psychoanalytically oriented supplement to the existing venues of radical critique and historical materialism. Critically aware of the limits of psychoanalytic thinking and institutions, the magazine will include reviews, reported pieces, columns on culture and social movements, and a thematic cluster of feature essays. We believe the magazine will reinvigorate leftist psychoanalytic thought in the academy and the clinic, but the magazine addresses a more general audience. Whereas there are many literary magazines and leftist magazines, there are no popular magazines devoted exclusively to the advancement of psychoanalytic thinking.